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This course will empower you to harness Adobe Illustrator to save time, level up your design skills, and create beautiful, versatile graphics for your brand.



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Illustrator Essentials is brimming with over 100 shortcuts and tons of other tips to help you level up your creative process and cut countless hours off your design clock. Most courses and tutorials will tell you the shortcuts you can use, but you have to constantly pause and run the video back to hear what combination of keys you're supposed to be pressing this time. I'm taking it a step further.

I don't just tell you the shortcuts to use, I show you. A shortcut key pops up on screen as I'm teaching. Better yet, I'm also including a comprehensive shortcut guide with over 100 shortcuts I use in my design work—all set for you to print and reference at your leisure.

These are the things I wish I had known when I was starting out—the ones that make you tear up a little bit when you realize how much time you could have been saving all along. I want to save you that heartache, so I'm sharing every single shortcut and trick I know.


Who is this course for?

It's great for beginners.

This course is rooted in the Adobe Illustrator essentials (surprise surprise), so it’s perfect for small business owners and creative folks who are feeling limited by their current software and want to take charge of their design needs.

But it's also for experienced designers.

The later modules of the course focus on more advanced topics (such as custom icons, seamless patterns, and my special process for vectorizing your paper sketches) so even seasoned designers will have lots to gain. The printable guide of over 100 shortcuts alone is well worth it, and there are tons more tips and tricks to help you improve your process—saving you more hours than you can count!

So whether you've been itching to learn Illustrator but have been daunted by the learning curve or you're looking to level up your vector skills and discover a bunch of new tricks, you’re in the right place!

Yitz Rapp Design

“So I’m pretty much a little over 50% through the course and am loving it so far … Kudos … you have really done an amazing job. I’m learning lotsa great new stuff and learning quicker, smarter ways to do old stuff.

I can easily tell that you have put a lot of time and effort into this little baby of yours, and it really shows … I’m really glad I signed up. It’s also really great to finally get a good look at your working process. Love seeing how MY does it.”

— Yitz Rapp —

Take It for a Test Drive

If you're curious about the course or you're wondering how Adobe Illustrator can benefit your brand, there's no need to sign up blindly.

I'm giving you a free preview of select lessons so you can get a great idea of my teaching style and the quality of the course. The first module is entirely informational, explaining why you should be using Illustrator if you're not already. Next we'll get into some more hands-on design tutorials from there.

What's Included

6 value-packed modules (that's 24 lessons with over 50 tutorials!)

Beautiful practice files so you can follow along with me as you learn (including ready-to-use brand templates for instagram quotes, blog post graphics, and business cards)

High quality bite-sized video tutorials

Over 100 shortcuts to supercharge your workflow (and a printable shortcuts guide!)

2 live hangouts / office hours sessions

A prime spot in my cozy course community on Facebook

Lifetime access

Priceless cheesy humor from yours truly

Breanna Rose - Rowan Made

“I know that Melissa’s been putting so much time into this—like I could feel her energy from miles away. So I was super curious to get in the course and see what it looked like and whatnot. I can tell you that it’s very thorough and easy to follow. Like I can’t even wrap my head around how many hours it would have taken to put this together. All the little shortcuts pop up, and then I’m like ‘Oh there’s another shortcut I don’t know 10 years in.’ Oops.

So I clicked on the pattern design lesson and watched part of that one, and then I learned that I’m making life harder on myself because apparently there’s a tool to create seamless patterns really easily. And I used it today! I had to make a repeating pattern, and I used that new tool I learned and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, where has this been??’ So there’s something for everyone!”

— Breanna Rose, Rowan Made —

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
While registration will only be open for short periods twice a year, the course itself begins as soon as you enroll and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course—AKA you decide when you start and when you finish.
Is this course for beginners or experienced designers?
Both! While the first few modules focus on Illustrator's basic tools and commands, the later modules cover more advanced topics such as automating your type styles, icon design, and seamless patterns.

There's also over 100 shortcuts sprinkled throughout the course (plus a printable shortcuts guide!) as well as tons of other tips and tricks to help you improve your process. So whether you're a small business owner, freelancer, creative entrepreneur, or experienced designer, Illustrator Essentials has something for everyone.
Isn't Illustrator really complex? I don't know if I have time for that...
I hear you... I know lots of creative folks who are daunted by the learning curve and struggle to find the time to learn this whopper of a program. The good news is that I've spent over a year building this course in an intentional, easy-to-follow format.

It's split into bite-sized lessons, includes gorgeous swipe files for you to practice right along with me, and is taught from the voice of a supportive friend. Not to mention, the course is self-paced so you can go at your own speed without feeling rushed.
Will I learn every tool Illustrator has to offer?
Illustrator is a massive program, and every designer uses it a bit differently. This course focuses on how I personally use Illustrator in my own brand and for my clients’ brands. I won't be teaching you every single tool, but if my design work and experience resonates with you then you'll learn the tools and tricks you'll need. 🙌
How long will I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like—across any and all devices you own and including any future course updates.
Can't I just learn all this on my own for free by watching tutorials?
Of course you can, but spending time scouring the internet for the information you need is annoying and time consuming. Plus there's SO much information out there that it gets overwhelming fast. How do you even know where to begin?!

If you're looking for a delightfully seamless learning experience, taught by a friend, then Illustrator Essentials is the course for you!
How do I get Adobe Illustrator?
You can sign up for your Illustrator subscription (including a free trial) right here!
Do I need the latest version of Illustrator?
I'll be teaching from Illustrator CC for Mac, so if you're using an earlier version or Illustrator for Windows things might look a bit different for you but the principles and most tools will be essentially the same. I'll also do my best to call out any tools specific to CC that may not be available in earlier versions of Illustrator.
Are there any refunds?
All sales are final and non-refundable. If you have any other questions on whether this course is the right fit for you, feel free to get in touch before purchasing. I'd be happy to discuss!
Will Illustrator Essentials be offered again?
Enrollment opens for 2 weeks a year—once in January and once in July—so if you're not ready for the course just yet, sign up and stay tuned. Just keep in mind that as I continue to improve and build upon the course, the price will increase as well.

Your Instructor

Melissa Yeager
Melissa Yeager

Melissa Yeager is a holistic logo and brand designer who helps passionate, creative entrepreneurs channel their excitement and all of their ideas to manifest a visually stunning, cohesive brand that feels right for them while working wonders for their business.

She believes in the power of the tiny but mighty details, and is proud to call West Chester, PA home.

Lauren Gaige - Restored 316

“Having worked with Melissa in the past for our own branding, I've had first hand experience with her attention to detail in everything she does and I expected no less with her signature course, Illustrator Essentials. I've taken many many courses and have more often than not been disappointed with the content or the feeling of knowing the course creator rushed through to create a product to sell. That's quite an icky feeling after spending your hard earned dollars, but I can assure you Illustrator Essentials is absolutely not that!

After diving in to the course, I was thrilled with how thorough and detailed Melissa was for both the seasoned designer, as well as for those just getting started with Illustrator. She made all those little icons when you open the software feel a lot less overwhelming and if you've ever opened Illustrator with no previous experience, you know how overwhelming that feels.

As someone who has been doing design for nearly 10 years now, I learned many many helpful tips (like how to quickly save multiple docs at once!) in just a hour of going through the course!

I highly recommend Illustrator Essentials if you're looking to up your design skills and use Illustrator to streamline your workflow! You will not be disappointed!”

— Lauren Gaige, Restored 316 —


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